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Which Kitchen Supplier Should You Choose?


Choosing a new kitchen is a big decision and a big investment, and something you can’t afford to get wrong. The upheaval of having a new kitchen fitted is stressful enough without the added distraction of problems with the design, bad quality materials or having to budget dramatically on the install or finishing touches, because you have overspent on the initial kitchen design.

For that reason it is vital that you choose your kitchen supplier carefully and don’t simply go with the first name you see. It is easy to be seduced by the big names in the kitchen market, those that have big advertising and marketing budgets and can dazzle you with promises that they can’t always deliver, and quite often it is the smaller, independent and more specialist names that tick more boxes when the numbers are crunched.

When looking for a new kitchen, the first places you go are probably the most visible, and these will be the big DIY stores such as B&Q, Wickes and Homebase and big name kitchen suppliers such as Howdens and Wren. They can certainly offer you a fantastic kitchen and they have more shopfloor space to entice you with their stock, but when it comes down to the crunch, they can’t always offer you value for money.

Cheaper like-for-like kitchen quotes from Kitchensinc

At Kitchensinc we undertook an exercise to compare like-for-like quotes with these five competitors and we could provide cheaper comparable quotes than all five, with the saving to you ranging from 14% to 35%. But don’t just take our word for it. Our customers have told us that our quotes have saved them over £1,000 in some cases, and a 20% saving for an identical kitchen is pretty much the norm. And with a unique service, you can now upload a quote to our website and within two hours we promise to reply with an indication of what savings we can offer you via a comparable quote. You can’t ask for more transparency and faster clarity than that!

So how do we achieve these savings? A lot of it is down to the partnerships we have with industry-leading names in cabinets, doors, worktops, sinks, appliances and handles. Our specialist knowledge and over 25 years’ experience in this specific field, means we have built lasting relationships with key suppliers, and our dedicated staff can spend time seeking better kitchen deals and finding the right solution for you. In the big business world of the giant, multi-product DIY stores, that commitment to finding you the right deal is not always the same.

kitchensinc cartmel kitchen

Trusted and reliable kitchen suppliers

Our service policy means we can provide bespoke design and drawings to convert your ideas into reality, and again, that personal touch is something we can offer because we have skilled and knowledgeable staff who can provide the attention to detail that you need. Our kitchens are not off-the-shelf products that can be just thrown together, we believe in providing a one-to-one service that is accessible and flexible in tailoring a design to your exact requirements, and that way we can work with you to find solutions that suit your pocket as well as your tastes.

There is a traditional belief in this kind of trade, that utilising local, dedicated tradesmen brings quality, reliability and durability, and that is particularly true when assessing kitchen designs. At KitchenSinc we very much believe in the personal touch, and building relationships directly with our customers. That way there is an element of trust between us and you the customer, and a dedication to finding the right kitchen at the right price.

Contact us today and get the personal customer service you deserve and let us make your dream kitchen a reality.

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