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Style on Tap: Choosing the Right Hardware for Your Kitchen Sink

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There are several reasons behind buying a tap for your kitchen sink. It may be necessary as part of a full kitchen re-model, it could form one of just a few strategies intended to produce a cost-effective update to your kitchen space, or it could be to replace an existing, leaky unit. Whatever the motivation might be, it is an important choice to make, and is one that requires time and a great deal of consideration.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and the sink is the focal point of the kitchen. A wide range of things happen at the kitchen sink, and we spend a lot of time there. We make drinks, wash dishes, rinse and drain food, clean hands, and fill buckets – all at this single, specific work area. This means the kitchen tap needs to be optimally functional, hard wearing, and stylish, too.

Things to consider

Before you get stuck in to making your final choices, you need to narrow down the field of options by considering some initial factors.

  • The style of your kitchen – Adding an ultra-modern tap design to a traditional, country style kitchen may result in your sink hardware looking a little out of place. You need to consider which shape and finish would best suit your overall kitchen area aesthetic.
  • Your sink – In addition to ensuring the style of the tap is suitable for the style of your sink, you need to confirm the basics, including the fitting of the tap. Double check how may tap holes your sink provides before making a shortlist of kitchen tap contenders.
  • Your water pressure – Water pressure varies from location to location, and from property to property. It can be influenced by a number of elements, including mineral content, clogged pipes, damage to your water heater, and the time of day that the tap is running. It is important to confirm that the range of taps you are looking at are suited to the upper level of water pressure in your home.

The finish

Innovations in tap design mean that there is a tap to suit every need, every type level of usage, and every kitchen – from those with flexible hoses, to the more traditional sink pillar styles; from the technologically advanced ‘kettle taps,’ which provide boiling water on demand in an energy efficient way, to the ‘filter taps,’ which perform the same function as a water filter jug.

Mixer taps remain very popular in the kitchens of today, however, due to their convenience in function, and the range and flexibility in their design and finish.

  • Chrome

A chrome finish results from electroplating chromium onto the tap. In addition to creating a striking, highly polished and reflective surface area, the chrome finish increases the external durability of the tap while also providing resistance to corrosion. Taps featuring a chrome finish are easy to clean and often prevent adhesion of limescale or other staining marks.

  • Brushed nickel

Like the chrome finish, brushed nickel is created through a process of electroplating, but the result is quite different. Here, the nickel is etched with a wire tool to achieve the subtle texture of the brushed surface. In contrast to the clarity of the chrome reflectiveness, brushed nickel is characterised by a warmer tone, with a more diffuse interplay of light.

  • Bronze

For a much deeper, warmer effect, a bronze finish is a great and versatile option. Antique aesthetics are achieved on those bronze finishes with an oil-rubbed appearance, making them an ideal choice for more traditional kitchen designs. Bronze is also relatively low maintenance, with the lighter versions providing some reflectiveness and interplay with light, while retaining a matt texture. This helps to ensure that watermarks, fingerprints, and other stains are minimised, while the tap itself is durable and long-lasting.

  • Stainless steel

A stainless steel tap finish is composed of iron-based alloys including chromium, and is applied to the tap using a vacuum deposition method. This results in a tap plating that is particularly resistant to heat and rust. Stainless steel produces a muted finish that is grey, with an almost brushed effect – helping to hide water spots and fingerprints. This finish is easy to clean with regular household cleaners, and its colour and tone bring an industrial edge to designs that balance well with most kitchen designs.

Making a statement

The location and function of the kitchen tap – in the focal point of the kitchen, performing multiple tasks – means that your choice of hardware provides the opportunity for a statement piece. Whether your sink provides scope for one or two tap holes, and whatever the water pressure in your home, you can find a design that both works well with the overall style of your kitchen as a whole, while delivering striking accents in the usage centre of the space. Playing with light, colour, shape, and height, the kitchen tap you select will need to stand the test of time, tie your room design together, and also provide an eye-catching nod to innovation – even with traditional or antique designs.

The team at Kitchensinc can work with you to determine which statement piece of hardware is the right choice for your kitchen sink. As highly experienced kitchen suppliers, Kitchensinc has developed productive relationships with leading manufacturers, which means the team can combine the very best advice with the highest levels of savings for customers. A recent survey found that this approach regularly saved Kitchensinc customers between 14 and 35 per cent on the cost of their kitchen project – ensuring the creation of a dream kitchen space at an excellent price – and this is just as much the case for full-scale re-modelling plans as it is for small-scale renovations. A huge impact can be made in your kitchen space simply with the addition of a new, statement tap, bringing a fresh look and reliability in modern function. Rather than simply picking a new tap from a catalogue, or from a showroom line-up, call Kitchensinc today to use the flexible and tailored service that can deliver your perfect kitchen tap.

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