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Maximise Your Kitchen Space with Creative Storage Solutions


Every kitchen is different – even in apartment blocks, and in seemingly similar new-build homes on brand new estates. This is because, as soon as someone takes up residence in the home, the kitchen space becomes a reflection of that resident and their needs. The physical space may be similar to other kitchens, but the atmosphere, colour schemes and, crucially, the way the space is used is unique to that one kitchen area. In a world of kitchen variation, however, the need for storage solutions is the thing that truly unites us.

This has never been clearer, since technological advancements have delivered an ever-increasing array of useful kitchen gadgets. These items are intended to make life simpler and easier – and many of them succeed in this – but we still have to find somewhere to keep them in the kitchen. They may well shave vital seconds off our coffee brewing time, or make quick work of blending a smoothie, but that saved time is often lost again, as we shuffle the rest of our cooking equipment to find the space necessary to accommodate the latest appliance.

With space always at a premium in the kitchen, it is essential to take a creative approach to maximising storage options. Not only is this important in helping us to find things quickly when we need them, but it is also helpful to keep a kitchen work area that isn’t always cluttered with loose items. It can be very soothing to walk into an uncluttered kitchen after a long and chaotic day, and it can make food preparation and cooking tasks much more pleasurable.

A place for everything, and everything in its place

There are four main ways to maximise your kitchen space with creative storage solutions.

  1. Pull-out storage

Gone are the days of crawling on the floor with your head stuck in a cupboard, trying to reach something tucked away, right at the back somewhere. You need never again suffer the indignity of vanished storage box lids, or utensils that have fallen out of reach. Kitchens of today can benefit from advancements in pull-out storage design, which is sometimes also known as roll-out cabinet storage. These units use a combination of wirework storage and a wheel track system to present the contents of a cupboard space to the user, outside of the confines of the cabinet body. With a simple pull of the cupboard handle, wirework shelves and their contents are instantly accessible. This is the ideal solution for the small spaces between larger cupboards or appliances, or spaces where tall larders are possible. In addition, pull-out storage can be used for integrated bins – keeping your refuse, recycling, or other items organised and tidy.

2. Cabinet and drawer organisers

While pull-out storage can be a great, creative way of improving the accessibility of space inside kitchen cabinets, they are certainly not the only solution.

  • ‘Lazy Susan’ cabinet accessories provide solid shelving that can move in line with the cupboard door, rather than remaining static. This means that items can easily be tucked into, or pulled out of difficult to reach spots inside your kitchen cupboards.
    • Drawer inserts can slot into your kitchen drawer spaces, instantly providing organised space for your smaller kitchen utensils and cutlery. Each insert features different sized sections, allowing for customised distribution of various implements.
    • Tray dividers can provide organised storage for items that might otherwise be difficult to house, such as large circular cooking trays or glass dishes. Organising these items in this way ensures that the space in question is used to its maximum capacity.

3. Open Shelf Storage

The kitchen design industry has seen a growing trend in recent years, centred around open kitchen storage. This is essentially the use of open-fronted shelving in the kitchen area and was, for a time, unusual in many homes. Today, open kitchen storage is increasing in popularity with the use of floating shelves, and even door-less cabinet units. The reason for this is two-fold. Storage shelves without doors can create a less structured atmosphere in the room, and open shelving allows for highly creative maximisation of kitchen space. It means you can use any available wall space – even that which is between cabinets and worktops – to create storage. These tight spaces are unsuitable for cupboard doors because they would get in the way of food preparation, but open shelves keep essential items within easy reach, and in an organised state. A variation of open shelf storage involves the use of the top of wall-mounted cabinets as extra shelf space, which can be helpful in dealing with occasional-use items, or lidded storage bins.

4. Rails

Like open shelf storage, rails allow for the maximisation of kitchen space by transforming awkward, previously unusable space into useful storage areas. This helps with the organisation and storage of items such as mugs, cups, pans, and anything that can be hung from a hook, or hooked over the rail. Rails can also be accessorised with wire baskets, which can help with the accessible storage of spices and small jars.

A storage overhaul

If you have ever stood in the middle of your kitchen and despaired at the chaos and clutter, the solution is not necessarily an entirely new kitchen, nor does it need to be the periodic, ruthless discarding of items that might actually be useful to have, if only occasionally. Sometimes, it can simply require a deep breath and an objective eye, to look at your kitchen space and find the areas that are waiting to be maximised. This type of kitchen storage optimisation can bring a whole new energy and atmosphere to your kitchen space, without costing an inordinate amount of money.

Targeted storage re-structuring is a great way to create a new-kitchen feel, quickly, and inexpensively, and the experts at KitchenSinc can advise you accordingly. As highly regarded, skilled and experienced kitchen suppliers, KitchenSinc have worked to develop close and productive relationships with leading manufacturers, enabling the business to pass significant savings onto customers, both old and new. With a range of creative kitchen storage solutions available, and a company policy focused on the delivery of flexible, trustworthy, and tailored service, you can be sure that KitchenSinc is solving your storage issues in a way that delivers value for money.

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