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Making the Most of Your Kitchen Re-Model Budget


The kitchen is the heart of every home and investing in its re-modelling always adds value to the property. Even if you are not planning on selling your home any time soon, it is still a worthwhile venture. Updating and refreshing the space in a way that incorporates modern trends can make all the difference to the atmosphere of your living space. Most importantly, it is not until we have lived in a space for a while that we begin to see where improvements can be made – not just in aesthetic terms, but also in the way space is used to optimal effect.

It is a big expense, though, so it is important to spend time working on a clear, realistic, and achievable budget. The same principles apply to kitchen re-modelling budgets as they do for any other kind of budgeting you undertake – from your monthly household accounting, to holidays or weddings. The size of the expense makes it even more important to find value for money in your kitchen project, though. You need to approach the entire re-model from a money-saving perspective, because it is very easy for kitchen re-model costs to spiral out of control.

Getting more for less
If you are getting started on a kitchen re-modelling project, you probably already have certain things in mind for the way you want the finished room to look. Whether that is as fundamental an element as the removal of a wall, or whether that is as simple as knowing your colour scheme, you will already have an idea that serves as your launching point. The question is, how do you move forward from that point in a way that ensures you will be making the most of your kitchen re-model budget?

Budget creation
If you put a little extra work into your budget, then it will remain the touchstone for the duration of the project, and it will be easier to stick to it as the re-model moves through its different phases.
Plan the detail of the changes to be made, and break down the costs accordingly, as a percentage of the total cost. This will require a little bit of research into current prices but, for example, the costs of an average kitchen re-model can expect to consist of around 30 per cent for cabinetry, 20 per cent for appliances, and 5 per cent for flooring, among all the other cost categories. That means, if you have allocated £15,000 for the whole project, you know that you can look at spending up to £4,500 on kitchen cabinets and cabinet accessories. Having this level of detail worked out ahead of time makes the whole thing easier to manage and ensures that you get the best value for each individual cost category.

You should always make sure that your budget breakdown includes a percentage that is allocated for contingency. It does not matter how meticulously your project is planned, there will always be unexpected costs, so building this contingency into your budget breakdown ensures that such issues will not derail your money-saving efforts.

Meal funding should be a consideration while completing your budget breakdown. Your kitchen will be out of action for a specific period of time, so you will need to account for any extra cost this will create for the household. Think carefully about how this cost can be managed and kept to a minimum. For example, instead of relying on takeaways every night, can you batch cook and freeze food that can then be re-heated in a temporarily re-located microwave? Measures such as these will save considerable amounts of money, which can instead be used for your new kitchen.

Read widely for ideas and make your decisions in advance
You might have set your budget and diligently completed a detailed budget breakdown, but this will only remain effective if you have also made clear decisions about your re-model. In other words, starting the actual work on the space without having already selected your new kitchen cabinets, countertops, and finishings will make it very difficult to stick to your budget. So, before any work commences, you need to spend time looking around for ideas that will give you value for money while achieving the look that you want. You need to finalise the layout and confirm every detail of the work that will be carried out, who will be doing it, and when. Taking this organised approach will not only make the re-model process go smoothly, but it will also increase the likelihood of staying in budget.

Do as much of the work as you can, yourself
Whatever your re-model plan looks like, there will undoubtedly be a large amount of the preparatory work that you can do yourself. This might include stripping paint or wallpaper, removing skirting boards, lifting flooring, or even partially dismantling cabinets that will no longer be needed. The more of this type of work that you can do yourself, the lower the cost of labour will be.
Most importantly, use KitchenSinc

The very best approach to making the most of your kitchen re-model budget is to use KitchenSinc. This kitchen retailer provides great products for your new kitchen at prices lower than any major competitor. Having spent many years developing close and productive relationships with leading manufacturers, KitchenSinc has created a sales model that allows the company to pass significant savings onto customers. This was confirmed by a recent market survey, which found that KitchenSinc customers were saving between 14 per cent and 35 per cent on the cost of their new kitchen.
Buying your new kitchen through KitchenSinc is not just about the bottom line, however – it is also about the customer service experience. While creating a deal for you that delivers value for money, highly qualified and experienced KitchenSinc personnel provide a flexible, personalised, and bespoke service that ensures your design is tailored to meet your exact requirements – including your budget.

Call KitchenSinc today to get started on putting your dream kitchen together, in a way that stays within your means.

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