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Kitchen Renovation to Sell Your Home

Kitchen Renovation to Sell Your Home

If you are considering selling your home, it is important to take a step back and look at it through the eyes of a potential buyer. In this context, your kitchen takes on immense significance. When buyers view homes, they are not only trying to picture their furniture and belongings in the space, they are also trying to assess the changes that would need to be made, and the cost those changes would add to the process of moving home. The kitchen is the heart of your property so, if their first thought upon entering is that it really needs updating, or that it is not making optimal use of the space, then this may be enough to deter them from making an offer.

Just as a neglected, outdated kitchen can put buyers off, an updated kitchen can increase the value of your home, as well as securing a quicker sale. This means any investment made in your kitchen before putting the property on the market could deliver a notable return, if that investment is maximised and made in the most impactful way.

Balancing investment and return

In most cases, a full kitchen re-model is not necessary to secure the best offer on your home. Unless there are existing structural issues that need to be rectified, targeted renovation can ensure that investment and return are balanced. The key is to take something of a dispassionate approach. Once you have decided to sell your home, you are no longer renovating to suit your own tastes. Rather, you should look to provide a smart yet relatively neutral canvas within which a potential buyer can create their own, customised space with simple additions.

There are five main renovation steps that will revitalise your kitchen space in a cost-effective way

Cabinet doors – Your kitchen cabinets are one of the largest surfaces that the eye takes in as it moves through the space, so this is an area in which a significant impact can be made as part of your investment. Handles can be easily changed, with a broad range of styles being available. For the doors themselves, there are, essentially, two options:

  • Replacement doors – By replacing the cabinet doors, you can create a fresh, updated feel while also changing the overall style in an efficient way. A switch to cabinet doors with a gloss finish can dramatically modernise a dated kitchen, while a set of new doors featuring a matt or semi-matt finish can enhance the atmosphere of elegance throughout the space.
  • Re-painting doors – A simple coat of paint on existing doors can refresh your kitchen well, if applied along with the proper primer. Re-painting cannot hide all instances of damage, however, so close attention should be paid to the finer detail.

Whether you are re-painting the existing cabinet doors, or replacing them entirely, it is important to avoid dramatic colours. While you may well love a deep purple tone for your own kitchen, or perhaps a striking shade of pink, you need your newly renovated kitchen to appeal to as broad a spectrum of people as possible in order to secure a sale quickly.

Sinks and Taps – However meticulous you are about cleaning your kitchen, your sink area will undoubtedly show signs of wear and tear. This is, in many ways, inevitable, as it is among the most frequently used areas of any kitchen space. Replacing your sink unit can quickly enhance this work area, while allowing for a simple drastic change, if required. With ceramic, composite, and stainless steel models to choose from, kitchen sink options can play with light and colour to affect the overall atmosphere, tone and style of the room. Additionally, a change in your kitchen taps can make a significant, positive difference to the aesthetics of your kitchen, and has the benefit of being an opportunity to enhance both visual modernity and an upgrade in function, too. Innovations in tap design have resulted in a range of possibility – not just in the choice between double or single lever mixer taps, but also in the finish and style.

Lighting – Your choice of light fixtures can make all the difference to the tone and style of your kitchen. While there can be a significant cost involved in moving light sources around the kitchen space, it is possible to update your kitchen lighting in a more cost-effective way, simply by adding additional downlights under wall-mounted cabinets, interior cabinet lights, plinth lights, or LED strip lights.

When considering updates to your kitchen lighting, you should factor in any changes you plan to make to your cabinet doors, as lighting interacts closely with cabinet door surfaces. Gloss finish is highly reflective, for example, so well-placed lights can help to maximise the impact of your cabinet door investment. They can also increase a sense of space within a more compact kitchen area.

Countertops – It can be worth your while to replace your kitchen countertops – particularly if they are showing signs of wear and tear or have accumulated stained or damaged areas. Any kitchen usage involves a lot of time focused on the kitchen countertops, so it is important to remember that any potential buyer will be paying close attention to the work surfaces. If your kitchen units are in good condition, it is possible to replace the countertop with a neutral, hardwearing surface that complements any changes you are making to the cabinet doors.

Storage – The point at which you consider putting your home on the market is the point at which you should consider maximising the storage in your kitchen. This might include installing the pan rail you have been thinking about for a while, or finally turning that narrow, unused space into a wirework pull-out larder. Not only will this help you keep your kitchen in a tidier uncluttered state for property viewings, it will also provide a cost-effective kitchen upgrade for potential buyers.

Maximise your kitchen to maximise your house value

Any investment you make in upgrading your kitchen area will be reflected in the value of your property and, ultimately, in the offers you receive once it is placed on the market. With these simple and cost-effective steps, that investment can be optimised to give you the best possible return and, crucially, a quick sale. The Kitchensinc team can provide expert advice on getting the most from your renovation budget, in order to sell your home as soon as possible.

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