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Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops


When planning a new kitchen, it is easy to focus on appliance placement, storage solutions, and cupboard door finishes without considering the way your kitchen countertop will relate to all those things. Your kitchen counter is visible in a different way to the surface area of your cupboard doors. In aesthetic terms, it picks up the light at a different angle, and carries the eye around the space, while in practical terms, it is the surface on which you carry out all your kitchen jobs. It is also a vital element to consider when selecting your kitchen cabinet units. For these reasons, the relationship between your kitchen cabinets and your countertop is the most important in your kitchen project, and there are several factors to consider before making your purchase.

Factors to consider

It can be tempting to go for the countertop finish that you think best suits the light and colour scheme of your kitchen area, but this alone will not find you the ideal countertop to suit your cabinets. Only by considering a combination of factors will you find the right one for you and your kitchen space.

  • Lifestyle and usage – By spending some time thinking about your lifestyle and the way you use your kitchen space, you can determine a lot of information regarding the kind of countertop you need for your kitchen, and the type of cabinets that should support it. Do you do a lot of cooking preparation? Do you have children, or a large family? Do you entertain large numbers of people on a regular basis? All of these factors relate to the level of wear and tear that your kitchen countertop will face, and they are among the main considerations necessary when choosing the right one for your kitchen. 
  • Maintenance commitment – Some kitchen countertops look perfect in aesthetic terms but require a significant commitment in maintenance and upkeep. While some materials can be simply wiped down with regular kitchen disinfectant, others require regular oiling and sealing in order to keep them in optimal condition. This means that, before you decide on your new kitchen countertop, you need to have a realistic understanding of the maintenance commitment you are prepared to make.
  • Budget and space required – It is important to figure out how much you are able to spend on your kitchen counter, as a percentage of your overall kitchen budget, and the length of countertop you will need based on the planned layout of your cabinets. Perhaps more than any other part of the kitchen, with the exception of the floor, the counter has to stand the test of time, secured atop your cabinets – combining durability with appearance. This means you need to know your available figure before you consider the types of material that would best suit your lifestyle requirements, and your space.
  • Colours – The colour choice for your countertop and cabinets will be influenced by several factors, including the overall colour scheme of your kitchen, and the countertop materials you prefer. It is important to also consider your lifestyle, and the placement of light sources, as well. For example, darker colours will make crumbs and fingerprints more visible – especially when combined with a glossy finish. Neutral colours, meanwhile, will provide longevity, even if you change the overall colour scheme of your kitchen at some point in the future.

Countertop materials

Choosing the material of your kitchen countertop is a big decision that is guided, in large part, by budget, space, and your choice of kitchen cabinet units. The close relationship between your kitchen cabinets and your kitchen countertop is not just created by proximity. The cabinets must be able to support the weight of your chosen materials, which is why it can be beneficial to seek professional advice before making any purchase. 

For example, granite, marble, and concrete countertops are exceedingly heavy. In terms of durability and maintenance, quartz and solid surfacing both provide a hard-wearing surface that requires minimal upkeep, and quartz in particular can be found in a range of colours to suit your chosen décor and cabinet doors. Granite, soapstone, tile, and concrete, by contrast, are durable while requiring regular sealing, or polishing with oil – though soapstone specifically tends to discolour over time. Laminate is certainly a popular choice as it is easily installed, low maintenance, and relatively inexpensive. With these facts in mind, consulting a kitchen supplier, such as KitchenSinc, ensures that you only spend money on countertops and cabinets that will successfully combine.

The KitchenSinc solution

Cost is indeed a large component in the relationship between your kitchen cabinets and your countertops. As you begin the design of your kitchen layout, it is important to keep in mind the amount of kitchen countertop that layout will require. You need enough countertop space to meet your food preparation needs, and to house your sink, drainer, and countertop appliances, while also trying to ensure that you do not exceed your budget. This can be tempered by the need to maximise opportunities for storage space, using wirework storage solutions such as tall larders, located among your cabinet layout.

With KitchenSinc, you can be sure that the cost of your new kitchen is the best price available. Having spent many years developing close and productive partnerships with leading manufacturers directly, this experienced supplier is able to pass on to customers impressive value for money. This is made possible by the KitchenSinc service policy, which guarantees a personal and bespoke approach to every kitchen design. 

The KitchenSinc team is highly skilled and experienced in the delivery of kitchen design and supply, and is able to provide a high degree of flexibility. This company philosophy means that your dream kitchen is created to your exact requirements, while meeting your budgetary needs. That includes providing you with invaluable advice regarding the important relationship between your kitchen cabinets and countertops. Contact KitchenSinc today to discuss your kitchen design ideas, and to ensure you make the kind of choices for your space that will ensure real value for money.

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