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How to Plan Your New Kitchen


Once you have decided to take the plunge and re-model your kitchen, it can be difficult to know where to start. It is a big job that involves the overhaul of what is essentially the heart of your home, so the work not only needs to go smoothly, but it also needs to result in a space that meets all of your requirements, while staying within your budget.

The planning stage of any kitchen re-modelling project is one in which savings can already be made. There are many professional kitchen planning services available – some of which are part of the kitchen retail experience – but costs can be reduced by getting the planning largely done ahead of any meetings with kitchen suppliers. The clearer your idea of your needs and goals, the less time your supplier will need to spend exploring it with you. You will be able to communicate your vision simply and effectively. Indeed, sticking to your budget is all in the preparation.
Taking the planning process step-by-step

Large, daunting tasks are best approached in small, well-ordered steps – and kitchen planning is no different. Following a simple process will save a lot of time and prevent a lot of confusion.

  1. Assess your current kitchen space – In order to know what you want to change, and how you want to change it, you first have to identify what works and doesn’t work in your current kitchen space. This assessment is best undertaken after you have had a thorough clear-out of surplus equipment. Then, you need to consider the physical space, and how it feels to move around inside it.
    Are your kitchen cabinets laid out in a way that allows for intuitive workspaces? Does the space flow well, without awkward interruptions? Is there ample room in terms of both movement and storage?
    Will your appliances remain in their current positions, or would the kitchen work better if they were moved to a different spot?
    Are your gas and water supplies staying where they are, or do they need to be moved or extended to accommodate your re-model plans? Will you be adding or removing any radiators?
  2. Think about your lighting – Lighting is incredibly important in a kitchen, so you need to be clear about any changes that are needed. You should consider the amount of natural light, how it falls in the space, and how it interacts with the fixtures. You then need to consider your plans for cabinets and shelving, and your preferred materials. Will you need under-cabinet lighting? Are there any dark or shady corners that will need to be illuminated? If you are leaning toward a glossy surface finish on cupboard doors or countertops, how will this impact the way light works throughout the space?
  3. Research your options – Once you have made a full and objective assessment of your current kitchen space and the way it needs to be lit, you should spend a good amount of time researching colours and layouts that reflect your own preferences. This is the time to take inspiration from the countless resources that exist on the internet and collate it all into a vision for your own dream kitchen.
  4. Create a budget – With your needs identified, and your vision for the room clarified through researching ideas, it is time to create your budget. The most effective way to do this is to take a detailed approach – breaking it down into component parts. If you know how much money you have available for the project, you can then apply a percentage framework, allocating parts of the budget to each item. For example, an average kitchen re-model might require 30 per cent of the budget to cover cabinets, and 20 per cent to cover labour. Working through each element of the project in this way – including flooring, appliances, fixtures and fittings, and a contingency for unexpected costs – it is possible to determine the price range in which you should be looking for each kitchen part. Using this approach to create your budget makes it more effective, and easier to communicate to your suppliers and kitchen fitter.
  5. Make your choices – Now that your detailed budget is in place, your ideas are clarified, and your have determined your ideal layout and lighting plan, you can start making your purchase decisions. The best way to do this is to consult with expert kitchen retailers in order to get the best deals on cabinets, countertops, fixtures and fittings, and all the other items that will go into creating your dream kitchen space. Your kitchen fitter may well be able to pass savings on to you, by virtue of industry discounts, but it is also essential to engage the services of kitchen suppliers for whom value for money is a priority. The traditional challenge in kitchen re-modelling lies in the fact that suppliers are seeking to maximise profit, while customers are seeking to limit costs. Researching suppliers will ensure that, when it comes to making those final purchases, you are working with businesses that truly value your experience, and your vision.

The KitchenSinc option
KitchenSinc is a kitchen supplier that has grown over 25 years to fill a very particular niche in the kitchen market. Having carefully built productive relationships with leading manufacturers, KitchenSinc works to pass the resulting savings on, regularly saving customers between 14 and 35 per cent on the cost of new kitchens. But, passing on massive savings is not the only thing that makes KitchenSinc stand out from the kitchen supplying crowd. It’s also the well-earned reputation for being reliable and highly trusted.

The team at KitchenSinc are highly trained and well experienced in all things kitchen planning and supply. This means that, when you are planning your new, dream kitchen, KitchenSinc personnel are the ideal experts to work with. Delivering personalised, bespoke customer service, the team will help you find what you need for your kitchen project in a flexible, tailored way – ensuring that the end result meets your exact requirements and suits your detailed budget.

Contact KitchenSinc today to discuss how to plan your new kitchen, and to get started on finding the ideal products for you.

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