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5 Things To Consider When Replacing Your Kitchen Doors


Replace Kitchen Doors

A new kitchen might be something you can only dream of, or maybe you have the ’10-year itch’ and you really fancy a change? Replacing your kitchen doors can be the cheapest and easiest way to modernise your kitchen, inject energy into your home and bring one of the most important rooms in the house up-to-speed.

Your kitchen doors are the feature of the kitchen that receives the most wear; they are used countless times every day and are exposed to marks, scuffs, steam and greasy fingers. The good news is that you can update your kitchen doors without too much trouble, and if you are competent with your DIY, you could even fit them yourself. The key is that there is plenty of choice out there and you can not only maintain the quality of your kitchen, but upgrade it. So let’s look at what you need to consider:

  1. Choosing a style

You can certainly scour the internet now and find images of any style of kitchen you could care to imagine, and then find a cost-effective kitchen supplier to provide what you want. Searching online is a rich source of ideas and inspiration and you may find a way of changing a traditional kitchen with natural wood recessed panel doors to a more modern kitchen with handleless, gloss finished doors. There are so many styles and colours available, and you can even future proof your kitchen by finding out what next year’s on-trend colours are going to be and being bold with your choice.

  1. Measure your doors

It is likely that your kitchen design will include a variety of cabinets and drawers in different sizes, with tall and standard cupboards, cutlery drawers, deep drawers, pull-out larders and doors for integrated units. These all need measuring up, and don’t forget that doors are usually about 5mm smaller than the cabinets or units they are attached to, this is to allow space for them to open on a hinge without knocking into the adjacent one.

  1. What about integrated appliances?

You might find that if you are replacing your kitchen doors, this is a good time to replace or upgrade your appliances too. Dishwashers, cookers, microwaves and fridge freezers are all subjected to regular daily use also, and it is not unusual to replace these every few years. A cooker is usually built into a unit and doesn’t have an integrated door, but it is all part of the kitchen re-design and therefore needs to be considered in terms of expense and style, so that everything matches perfectly.

  1. Fitting

A critical aspect of fitting new doors is the drill holes on the inside of the door. Ideally these need to match the position of your existing hinges, otherwise you are taking on an awful lot more DIY work, albeit this is not complicated, just time-consuming. You also need to consider your door hinges and whether this is a good time to upgrade to soft-close hinges, if you haven’t already. These feel great and add a luxury touch to a kitchen, and also protect your units from daily wear and tear, which should provide a longer life for the kitchen.

  1. Finishing touches

When looking at your kitchen door design it is important to remember handles also. These are obviously an integral feature from a practical and style standpoint. Holes for the kitchen handles will not be pre-drilled on the doors because there are so many variations of size available, so this is another DIY factor to bear in mind. You also need to consider end panels, plinths and cornice and pelmets to ensure these match your door choice and are factored into costings.

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