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4 Top Tips for Kitchen Planning

4 Top Tips for Kitchen Planning

While the idea of updating, re-modelling, or renovating your kitchen is exciting, it also feels like a huge and daunting project. Kitchens of any size are indeed a big investment. Careful, stringent budgeting can reduce the financial cost, but revitalising your kitchen space still takes a vast amount of time and effort. This is because, not only is your kitchen a complex, multi-functional space, it is also the heart of your home – so it is vital to get it just right.

When you look at changing your kitchen, you need to balance function with design. This may sound like a simple equation, but when we look at the ‘function’ part of that balancing act, we can see that it becomes more complicated. The function of your kitchen space is to meet several usage needs. Food preparation is certainly foremost on that list, but there is also storage, and socialising where space allows. Each part of the room serves a different purpose, with the sink area being a notable focal point because it is involved in so many of the different uses of the kitchen space.

While function and design should be balanced, movement through the kitchen space is where these two factors combine. You need to be able to move easily around the room, finding the most commonly used areas, appliances, and equipment quickly and easily. This is perhaps the element of planning your kitchen that will be most influential when it comes to selecting cabinets and accessories, because it will impact both the floorplan and layout, as well as the type of storage inserts you require.

Top tips to get you started

With all this in mind, there are four top tips for moving forward with your kitchen planning project.

  1. Set a budget

The main principle when it comes to starting any project is to set a budget and stick to it. First of all, you need to research the costs involved for the ideas that you have and determine what you can afford. Breaking down your costs into budget percentages aimed at specific part of the kitchen will enable you to focus on the ranges that match your means. For example, understanding that you should spend 20 to 25 percent of your budget on kitchen cabinets and hardware allows you to focus only on those cabinets that will not take you over budget – ensuring that your costs remain under tight control. This budgeting process should also take into account your personal usage needs – focusing the biggest investments in the areas that are most important to you and your family, and that suit the space with which you are working.

  1. Choose your style wisely

You are investing a large amount of money and time into your new kitchen, so you need to ensure that you will be happy with it – now, and in the longer term. This means you should consider whether that particular current trend that caught your eye will still look good five years later, or whether you should look at styles that have already proven to be timeless. Are you consistently adventurous in your tastes, or is it just a passing phase? If your home is a period property, and your preferred kitchen style is modern and sleek, is it possible to enhance that contemporary tone with period accents – perhaps in your choice of sink hardware? The light that moves around the room, from both natural and electrical sources, also needs to be taken into consideration when selecting your style. Do you need to move your existing kitchen lighting, or add new fixtures to really make the most of your new kitchen design? If you are planning to sell your home within a specific timeframe, you should take this into account, too.

  1. Focus on storage

Whether yours is a large kitchen space, or a room of a more compact nature, you need to spend a significant amount of your project planning time thinking about storage. The aesthetics of your new kitchen are important, of course, but nothing is more vital than ensuring that you have ample space to store the necessary food, supplies and equipment, in a way that is efficient and convenient. That means maximising the storage opportunities in the room with innovative solutions such as wirework storage and drawer products, as well as creating a layout that places those solutions in the most effective positions, within your budget.

  1. Choose your supplier carefully

When you start to work on your kitchen project plan, it is easy to assume that the biggest names in kitchen supply are the best option. This is not always the case, and it is important to cast your net widely when looking for kitchen suppliers. Such an important room in your home requires excellent customer service, flexibility, and trustworthiness on the part of the supplier, as well as reasonable prices. This is why so many customers are working with Kitchensinc as they start to plan their dream kitchen. This expert team has earned a rating of ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot for good reason. With productive, well-established relationships with manufacturers, Kitchensinc is regularly able to deliver savings of between 14 and 35 per cent on the cost of kitchens, while providing a tailored, bespoke service.

The right choices

By tackling your kitchen planning project in this way, you can set yourself on the path to making the right choices for your space and your home. Working to keep within your budget while paying close attention to the style and layout of the room will help to ensure that your new kitchen meets your needs for years to come. All of those things are made possible by choosing your supplier carefully, and the team at Kitchensinc are ready to help you achieve your dream kitchen with expert help and advice, and budget-friendly prices. With specialist knowledge and business approach based in personalised, careful customer service, Kitchensinc can provide the kitchen you need, at a price you’ll love.

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